The Discussion Club of the School for Speaking to an Audience is a social  competitive forum where students learn to speak and confront as a tool for improving speech, persuasion and self-confidence. We meet every week , and you are all invited.

What is a Debate?

Debate is a kind of intellectual sport where rival groups need to convince the audience for or against a controversial issue with the help of speeches and questions.

The debate greatly refines thinking, imparts performance and persuasion skills, and teaches how to think deeply and quickly. Using special techniques we have developed in the School of Speech in front of an audience, the debate also serves to overcome audience fear .

How the club works

The Debate Club meets every two weeks on Thursday at 6:30 for a three-hour meeting. In addition, club participants are invited to the Graduate School Graduate Forum in front of an audience that meets monthly on the first Sunday of the month. Several times a year, the school sends delegates to debate competitions.

Each session includes brief training for newcomers, and new persuasion techniques for everyone, then split into groups (‘government’ and ‘opposition’), receive a controversial topic, and time for preparation. Then the speeches begin: Each participant gets a timed and identical presentation of the arguments (according to the level of experience he is also required to answer questions), and at the end of the audience points out the winning speeches and the facilitator explains to each group how you can improve.