Israel will be under international pressure to hold off fighting Hamas in the coming days and weeks. That will sound reasonable on first approach: Many Gazans will die, some of them civilians. Shouldn’t Israel be required to stop?

The answer is an emphatic NO. Israel not only has a right to fight Hamas in whatever means possible, it has a duty to do so. A duty to its butchered citiznes, and a duty to the survivors who will not know a day of security in their communities until the threat of another attempted genocide is eliminated.

Israel has a duty to protect its citizens

The first duty of every country is to protect its inhabitants from murder, rape mutilation and kidnapping. Israel clearly hasn’t done enough of that on October 7 and should now be redoubling on its efforts to guarantee the safety of its citizens, tourists and even refugees who fell victims to hamas genocidal atrocities.

To assure that, Hamas military capabilities must be neutralized at vitualy all costs.

The arguments against israel are vitually all antisemitism

The debate about Israeli activities in Gaza is almost entirely a veiled debate with antisemitism.

The arguments about palesitinian ‘legitimate resistance’ ignore the fact that palestinian actions were not aimed at ‘resisting’ any israeli activity other than it’s citizens will to live free of rape, murder and mutilation. No discernable policy goal was made for the attacks – neither after let alone before them.

Additionally, the argument about proportionality is laughingly single sided. No demand is made on the Palesitinian side to be ‘proportional’ in its deliberate attack on civilian babies and elderly. In plain English, this is pure hypocricy, stemming from antisemitism